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At Prink Style we are dedicated to empowering girls, tweens and teens to dress creatively with confidence while making shopping easy for parents.

Before I became a mom, I envisioned my kids sharing clothes and looked forward to shopping trips as bonding moments. Fast-forward ten years: I am a mom to three wonderfully unique girls, each with a distinct personality, opinion and sense of style. One is a total fashionista, one is sporty and one is a free spirit. The shared and ‘handed-down’ clothing is limited and a shopping trip to the mall with them is more stressful than fun. As a personal stylist, I started hearing more and more parents share similar stories of frustration and so the idea for Prink Style was born.

At Prink, we are dedicated to helping young girls, tween and teen girls discover their individual style and wear it with confidence. Today’s girls have a lot to say. And they want to express themselves in many different ways, including their fashion and style choices which are a direct reflection of their blossoming personalities. As a mom, I have seen my own daughters find their personal style and the powerful confidence boost it gives them. Prink is stylish, fun and trendy but always ‘parent approved.’

Prink Style is an affordable online personal styling service for girls 7-16. Subscribers can choose boutique quality clothing and top brands in a range of sizes, styles and price points. As a parent, I fully understand the challenge that is shopping for and with tweens. Prink Style makes the buying process easy, fun and affordable.

Wendy Witherspoon, Prink Style Founder


PRINK /priNGk/: to dress oneself finely

A Prink Style box is designed to give tweens the same thrill we all love when we find “our look”!  It's exciting, empowering, and makes the tweens in our lives feel confident.  

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