What is Prink Style?

Prink Style is an online personal styling service for girls 7-16. Prink makes shopping for tween and teen girls easy and convenient – boutique styles at accessible prices delivered to your doorstep.

Who is Prink for?

Prink Style services tweens and teens ages 7-16; our clothing is sized 7-16.

How does Prink Style work?

Girls and their parents complete an online questionnaire including size and style preferences. Prink stylists then hand select an assortment of five to six items matching their client’s taste and budget. Prink clothing and accessories are stylish, fun and trendy but always ‘parent approved.’ Once delivered, Prink Style customers have five days to keep what they love and send back what they don't. Shipping and returns are always free.

What does Prink mean?

PRINK /priNGk/ (v): to dress oneself finely.

A Prink Style box is designed to give tweens and teens the same thrill we all love when we find “our look.”  It's exciting, empowering, and makes the young girls in our lives feel confident.  

At Prink we are dedicated to empowering tweens and teens to dress creatively with confidence while making shopping easy for parents.

How often should I order?

That depends on you.  Order as often as you like.  Some customers purchase regularly, others order seasonally to update a wardrobe, while others order a Prink box for special occasions and vacations. There is never any commitment and customers purchase only the items they love and return the rest. Shipping is always free both ways.

How do returns work?

Once your Prink box arrives, you have five business days to decide what you love and send back what you don’t. After that time, we assume you loved it all and will process payment accordingly. Returned items must be in new condition with all tags still attached.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is free both ways. Prink boxes ship via USPS. A pre-paid, pre-labeled USPS labeled bag is included in your Prink box for any items you decide to return; simply drop off at any post office or mailbox.

Do you ship outside the U.S.?

We currently ship only within the continental United States.

How does Prink Style price its items?

Prink offers boutique styles at accessible prices delivered to your doorstep.  The average prices for clothing items is $30 and accessories $15. When customers keep all items in their Prink box, they also receive a 10% LOVE IT ALL discount off the total cost of their box.  

What is the styling fee?

At Prink Style, we take personalized style and garment selection seriously. The styling fee enables us to hand-select quality items sure to make you and your girl jump with excitement. And when you keep four or more items from your Prink box, we will refund your styling fee.

What is the LOVE IT ALL discount?

When you keep everything in your Prink box, you receive a 10% LOVE IT ALL discount (off the total retail value of the box). At Prink Style, we make shopping for tweens and teens easy, stylish and affordable.

Why do you collect credit card information at check out?

Credit card information is collected at check out so that we can finalize your purchase when you decide which Prink Style items you'll keep. Like all retailers, we work hard to reduce fraud, which in turn keeps style high and prices fair for all.

I have some questions? How do I reach you?

The Prink Style team is here to help. Email us at hello@prinkstyle.com.